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The energy sector is experiencing an increase in the role of renewable energies to the detriment of those of fossil origin, although both currently coexist throughout the world.

The boom of energy facilities and the diversification of the sector into new business areas goes hand in hand with an increase in the number and type of claims.

There are a large number of Spanish companies in this sector (many IBEX-35 listed) with a worldwide presence. Our main clients are national and international insurance and reinsurance companies working in this sector.

Our Energy division handles property damage, loss of profit and liability claims in the Power, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors, with a quantified loss of over $1 billion (2007-2017 data). We handle an average of 650 claims per year.

Our teams have on average 20 years’ experience and comprise engineers who specialise in different fields, as well as multilingual graduate technicians with international expertise in both risk assessment and the appraisal of large and complex losses. We have signed agreements with leading experts and consultants to assist with these latter claims

Types of claims we handle:


Electric power generation plants (conventional thermal, nuclear, combined cycle) and distribution (medium MV and high HV lines, transformation centres and electric substations).


Liquefaction, regasification plants and gas pipelines, Downstream (refineries and chemical plants) and Upstream (wells), as well as transport.


Material damage to oil and gas facilities and/or refineries/petrochemicals and associated loss of profit (LOPI – BI)
Extra Operator Expenses (including CCC)
Third-party liability
Material Damage caused by sabotage and terrorism and associated Loss of Profit (LOP-BI)
Damage to oil drilling rigs and repair platforms
Construction and Erection All Risks and associated Loss of Profit (ALOP)


Material damage to production platforms and underwater equipment, and associated loss of profit-business interruption (LOPI – BI)
Extra Operator Expenses (including CCC)
Third-party liability
Material Damage caused by sabotage and terrorism and associated Loss of Profit-Business interruption (LOPI – BI)
Damage to mobile drilling units, lifting platforms, drill ships and similar
All Risk Construction (WELCAR) and associated Loss of Profit (ALOP)
Carriage of goods by sea


Wind farms, solar thermal and photovoltaic plants, hydraulic plants and biomass and biodiesel plants.

The losses adjusted relate to a wide range of policies, in particular:

Erection policies: Erection-construction, testing and maintenance
Property all risks policies with loss of profit
Machinery breakdown policies with loss of profit
ALOP policies during the erection period
Transport insurance policies
Third party liability policies for manufacturers and fitters


Our experience as adjusters in the wind energy market dates back to January 1995; since then, we have adjusted more than 5,000 claims.


We have more than 10 years’ experience in the solar thermal and photovoltaic industry, supported by our adjustment of more than 2,000 claims.


It covers both biomass thermal plants and biodiesel and bioethanol production plants, as well as water treatment facilities, digesters and biogas plants. We have 7 years’ experience in this constantly expanding sector.


Hydroelectric plants.

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