Aviamar Aviation is a leader in Spain in aircraft loss adjustment, both commercial and general aircraft, in respect of damage, loss of profit/business interruption, consequential losses and liability.

We provide a unique and accurate international service covering all types of accidents and events, dealing with everything right from investigation of the cause, including an environmental impact appraisal, through to final salvage.

Our teams of aeronautical engineers, pilots, flight instructors, lawyers, medical experts, etc. are a great asset that adds value to the adjustment process and facilitates compliance with our clients’ deadlines.


Appraisal/adjustment of damage to aircraft in commercial aviation (transport of passengers and cargo), executive aviation (private jets), general aviation and aerial works (helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for the provision of different services: fire extinction, fumigation, surveillance, aerial photography, etc.), sporting aviation (hot-air balloons and ultra-light aircraft)

Investigation of cause

Coordination of aircraft recovery work operations following a loss event

Handling the salvage of aircraft wreckage

Assessment of aircraft or components thereof, for the purpose of calculating the sum insured in the policy


Of airlines and aircraft operators, handling agents, fuel suppliers, flight schools, workshops and repair facilities. We are experts in airport liability and product liability (manufacturers) claims


Experts in the appraisal of consequential losses resulting from vessel grounding

Court attendance

Subrogation and Recoveries

Consultancy and advisory services, especially for insureds, brokers and law firms

Main accounts