Addvet (Agriculture, Forestry, Viticulture, Veterinary)

Team composed of specialist professionals (Agricultural Technical Engineers, Agricultural Scientists, Forestry Engineers and our own network of Veterinarians).

We deal more than 2,000 claims per year, and are leaders in the adjustment of wine claims in Spain.

We adjust all kinds of claims in the veterinary, agricultural, livestock and forestry sectors, and also in the food safety field:

Veterinary sector: food industry, pets, horses and horse farms, hunting activity

Agriculture: agricultural and livestock holdings, machinery and crops

Wine industry: vineyards, cellars and bottle

Forestry: fires, environmental damage

Areas of activity:

Property and general liability

Property and liability for forest fires

Pet insurance policies

Auto liability for animal injury

Damage of food products during transportation

Damage of food products in fire, flood, and other loss events

Injury to insured animals (livestock, bullfighting festivals, etc.)

Certification for disposing of goods

Main accounts