ICT & Cyber

The ICT and Cyber-Risk Department (Information and Communication Technologies) was created in response to the need for specific management of claims related to new technologies, software and data.

Telecommunications networks and information systems have generated a virtual world that manages critical matters in our society such as personal information, money or services, which are indivisibly linked to the present model of our society. ICT networks exist everywhere, in homes, SMEs, multinational companies, hospitals, public sector offices or parks, among others.

Our technicians specialised in telecommunications networks, computer systems, applications and Big Data, together with our teams of forensic accountants, auditors and claims managers, have handled more than 3000 claims in the past 25 years, many of them of great complexity and economic consequences. Proven experience since 2007 in the management of cyber risks. We are the supplier of reference in the provision of advisory and consultancy services to telecommunications companies in matters of risk prevention and regular contributors to risk management departments and/or captive insurers of such companies.

We have a crisis management office that ensures an optimal result in the shortest possible time throughout the adjusting process, from the occurrence of the loss event, up to its final resolution.

Scope of action

First-party property damage due both to specific and to catastrophic events

Third-party liability for pure property damage, exploitation, product, post-works, employers, accidental pollution, environmental, by waves and electromagnetic fields. Errors and omissions in communication technologies. For all events, in addition to adjusting specific cases, Grupo Addvalora has extensive experience in massive claims management.

Loss of profit/business interruption caused by the interruption of the service at own facilities, by suppliers, providers and direct customers, as well as loss of profit due to the impossibility of access

Cyber risks due to server crash, computer virus, platform blocking and queuing, backup, etc.

Virus and malware
Loss of data
Material damage to fixed and mobile networks
Mobile telephony base stations
Failed IT projects
Backbones and trunk data transmission systems
Software failure
Network failure

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