Outsourcing claims processing

ADDGESTION provides outsourcing services in all areas of insurance, claims handling, recoveries, document management, audits and remote inspections, services that amount to specialist handling for our clients, who manage to streamline their processes and reduce their costs and response times.  Our commitment is to our clients’ quality standards.

We have a network of handlers and our own expert team of more than 80 members. Our qualified professionals, who undergo continuous professional development, work under the supervision of our legal department, TPA-management and expert adjusters, in line with the high quality standards of our company.

They are in constant communication with the client, adapting to their pace and needs, working on their own management systems or with our software tool. ADDGESTION is a formula for success.

Our clients are insurance companies, insurance brokers, companies in the distribution, food and supplies industries, and public sector bodies.


Frequency claims
Remote inspections
Repair and adjusting audits


More than 15,000 claims per year


Our own network of experts, spread across a well-coordinated structure


National and international

Telephone service for claims intake or other administrative matters (back office) that are to be dealt with centrally, including the possibility of providing a 24/7 service.

Please contact us on +34 915 723 060.

Comprehensive and specialised processing, tailored to the client’s needs and for all insurance lines, as required (property, liability, transport).

GLOBAL claim management, from inception in our computer systems, through document management, settlement, to completion. Our responsibility covers the entire process, including negotiations and payments, with the option of managing the network of experts, lawyers and recovery, if applicable. Clients are able to digitally check the status of their claim and related information at any time.

PROMPT processing of massive claims derived from liability claims or catastrophic events.

We handle formal third-party damage claims amicably, including the relevant follow-up.

We offer the possibility of conducting audits of repairers and experts:

Repair audits, to analyse possible cost deviations, compliance with compensation scales, scope of the repair, deadlines and the level of Insureds’ satisfaction.

Adjustment audits, to check compliance with established procedures, use of assistance, application of scales, study of pre-existing conditions, level of information and Insureds’ satisfaction.

An effective solution to resolve simple home insurance cases, in a technical and professional way. Robbery, theft and small electrical damage claims can be resolved without the need for an expert to travel, saving costs and improving turnaround times.

Following the Covid-19 measures, we have perfected our own software tool and can perform remote inspections in any insurance area.



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