Instituto Addvalora

INSTITUTO ADDVALORA is an academic meeting point for the various parties, mainly in the insurance market, where we aim to contribute a different point of view, the adjuster’s perspective.

Instituto Addvalora is sensitive to the changing world around us. We constantly review adjustment criteria and methods with a view to sharing the information and conclusions we reach with insurance professionals.

The Instituto Addvalora team has a wealth of expertise and some of our professionals have over 30 years of experience. The team comprises active professionals of the Addvalora Group and its companies (Addvalora Global, Aviamar, Addis, Aseper, Toplis & Harding and Addgestion). In addition, in its quest to have the most prestigious profiles in each specialist area, the Institute complements its courses with external, national and international professionals.

All the knowledge acquired throughout these years is made available to companies, reinsurers, brokers and insureds, among others, with the confidence gained from having participated in the major and most complex insurance claims of these past decades.

Instituto Addvalora is also a forum for cultural meetings and debates on topics of general interest not necessarily related to insurance. We organise cultural visits and events for our clients, sometimes in conjunction with other entities.

Our specific insurance courses can be subsidised through FUNDAE, the Spanish Government Foundation for Employment Training.

We have our own webinar platform for online courses and conferences on a wide range of subjects.

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Flexible classroom

In-House or other facilities, according to our client's needs


Team of professionals with vast experience in the insurance sector
Our own webinar platform


Insurance and Reinsurance companies, Brokers, Risk Managers, etc.


Courses, Seminars, Conferences, Lectures, Discussion forums and cultural visits


  • Loss of profit
  • Renewable energies
  • Third party liability
  • Fire and breakdown of machinery
  • Thermal power plants and cogeneration
  • Power station and transport of energy
  • Construction: building and civil works
  • Investigation of fire and breakdown of machinery
  • Aviation insurance
  • Inspection and valuation of assets
  • Catastrophic risks
  • Financing Risks







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