Addis Investigación y Seguridad

Addis Investigación y Seguridad is the adjusting services company that specialises in the investigation of the cause of fires and explosions, intrusion and fire security systems, electrical damage and breakdowns, investigation of workplace accidents and reconstruction of road accidents.

The seedling that gave rise to Addis is the Fire Investigation division, which dates back to 2006.  Since then, this division, known by its Afire brand, has been the benchmark company in the market. This division abides by the NFPA921 and NFPA 1033 fire investigator guide principles, which guarantees to our clients the strictest confidentiality of our technical reports.

The professional experience of our technical staff and their academic training, enable us to produce adjuster’s reports guaranteed to be technically sound and, at the same time, written in a clear and intelligible manner that facilitates reading and understanding. Moreover, we work applying strict scientific methodology and offer additional drone (RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) and testing laboratory services.

From its Madrid headquarters, Addis provides its services worldwide. In Spain, we adjust 90% of the total claims. We share the Addvalora office network, with worldwide locations through its offices, franchises, exclusive associates and its network of representatives. In Spain, Addis works closely with one of the leading engineering and consultancy companies, with ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management certification.


Fire and Explosion
Alarms and security systems
Machinery breakdown and electrical damage
Investigation of workplace accidents
Reconstruction of road accidents


Technical training and proven experience


Specialised technicians
Drone service (RPAS)


National and international global network

Fire and explosion investigation

  • Onsite inspection and sampling taking, if necessary
  • Application of fire dynamics and thermodynamics know-how to carry out the technical analysis of the fire and determine its origin
  • When the origin of the fire is established, determination of the cause, element and/or equipment that caused the fire and individuals who may have been involved
  • Analysis of any other circumstances that could have influenced the occurrence of the fire

Investigation of the operation of security systems

  • Inspection of the burglary site
  • Application of safety engineering know-how to analyse the design, maintenance and operation of the safety system
  • Conclusions on the viability of the burglary based on statements, use made of the alarm system, failings and shortcomings in the design, maintenance, operation and response of the alarm receiving centre (ARC)
  • Determination of the possible implications of parties involved in the incorrect operation of the security system

Investigation of cause of damage to machines, industrial plants, electrical and electronic equipment

  • Inspection of the damaged site or equipment
  • By means of analysing the damage and the affected equipment, establishing and applying the specific engineering know-how as required in each case. Analysis of the electric power quality, if applicable
  • Establishing the cause of the incident, identifying the origin of the failure and determining whether it relates to a manufacture, maintenance and/or operation flaw of the affected equipment, and possible individuals involved

Investigation of workplace accidents

Reconstruction and Investigation of workplace accidents, within the regulatory framework of Spanish Law 31/95 on the Prevention of Workplace Risks, relating to employer’s obligations

  • Inspection of the accident site
  • Determination of the factors that caused the accident, applying occupational risk prevention know-how
  • At the client’s request, it is possible to supplement the investigation of causes with a proposal of preventive measures to be incorporated into the client’s work accident prevention planning
  • Statement of conclusions at the request of courts, employment inspectorates and competent bodies

Investigation of the way a road accident occurred

  • Inspection of the accident site
  • Application of physics know-how in the field of movement dynamics, elasticity and resistance of materials, as well as biomechanics
  • Determination of the unfolding of the accident and the way in which it occurred, endeavours that may be conveyed to the people involved
  • Preparation of expert reports with graphic simulations for support and clarification
  • Defence of the conclusions at court in the capacity as experts, to evidence the conclusions drawn




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