07 Feb 2023

Urgent Announcement: Grupo Addvalora before recent catastrophes – earthquake at Turkey

An earthquake magnitude 7.8 on Richter scale hit during midnight the Southeast of Turkey affecting the North of Syria. The epicentre is located in the Turkish region of Kahramanmaras, a high seismic hazard zone. The National Seismic Monitoring Centre said the quake was the strongest recorded by its systems in nearly three decades and warns of more aftershocks in the coming days. A 7.5 on Richter scale aftershock took place today at midday. There are at least 1,300 people confirmed dead and thousands injured.

According to the Turkish news sources, more than 1,700 residential buildings collapsed and several industries and power plants were severely damaged.

First of all, GRUPO ADDVALORA wants to express its deepest sorrow and to show solidarity with the families of the victims who are suffering the consequences of these sad events to a larger or lesser extent.

Addvalora, which is present in Turkey through its own team of professionals based in Istanbul, has implemented its contingency plan for natural disasters and remains at the disposal of all insurers / reinsurers for developing an expert appraisal work.

Our team is formed by professionals with the necessary technical profiles in order to assist NAT-CAT losses. Some of our specialties are key, considering the potential affected industries, such as mining, agriculture, energy (power, oil&gas and renewables), construction and civil work, transport, telecommunication, tourism etc. as well as business interruption and ALOP.

Should you have any assignment, consultation or advice, you are welcomed to contact the following team:

Jozef Hara: jhara@addvaloraglobal.com – Mobile : +34 677 406 423 / +97 254 207 3142

Hakan Ileri: hileri@addvaloraglobal.com – Mobile: +90 533 449 81 51

Ignacio Lorenzo: ilorenzo@addvaloraglobal.com – Mobile +34 677 589 860



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