14 Jan 2022

ADDVALORA & GRS (GLOBAL RISK SOLUTIONS): a far-reaching strategic agreement for our markets in complex claims

ADDVALORA has signed on 29th of December 2021 a strategic partnership agreement with the North American loss adjusting firm GRS, which will enhance our service capabilities in the complex claims with worldwide geographical coverage.

Both firms really complement each other, both in our capabilities and in our respective operations area. To Addvalora’s own locations (Spain, USA, LATAM, Turkey, Middle East, etc.) we now add up those of GRS with headquarters in Miami and offices throughout USA, its relevant business hub in London and its recently opened office in Dubai, among others.

This partnership agreement serves to reinforce the services delivered to our clients in the complex claims in the specialty lines of energy (power, oil & gas, renewable, nuclear), forensic accounting, liability, engineering and construction, mining machinery, iron, steel and metal production, environment and environmental liability, and cyber.

GRS CEO Kip Radigan said:

“We are delighted to have been able to reach agreement with Addvalora for a partnership which has true benefits for both companies and more importantly our clients. We each provide access and expertise that will enhance our collective ability to deliver market-leading services across the globe. It is truly a partnership of equals and we see the agreement as a significant step in our ongoing efforts to expand our Complex Claims Solutions capabilities.” 

Our CEO, Vicente Hurtado, shares the same vision:

“I could not agree more with Kip. We are absolutely thrilled at the potential that this alliance may bring us. The moment that I discussed the potential with Mike it became increasingly apparent this was an extremely good fit for both companies. We look forward to working with Mike and the team and believe that this is a real positive for all our current and future clients.”

Contact details:

Ignacio Lorenzo
+34 677 589 860