The Motor division was created in 1990 to resolve vehicle claims effectively and quickly. Since then, the focus of our technical assessments has always been independent and impartial, in a sector considered to be very subjective.

Our team currently comprises 58 highly qualified specialists, technicians with FUEDI-ELAE accreditation, who continuously engage in professional development training to meet the technological challenges of this century. Our expert network covers the whole of Spain and we have an international network of expert partners. We provide personalised attention to our clients through our call centre. We are active in all the relevant industry associations (Agers, Asepa, Insia, Aer Renting…).

We have our own data capture system, by means of a DIGITAL PEN that scans the writing in documents and digitalises data collected in real time, for its subsequent computer processing. This system allows us to control the traceability of damage in transport and movements of the fleet. Our own management programme, ÁTOMO, created in our R&D department, optimises time and allows direct communication with our customers. The quality of our adjusting reports adheres to the criteria set in Spanish UNE 197001:1001 standard for development of expert reports.

We handle more than 60,000 claims per year.

Scope of action

Appraisal of claims from individuals, liability, miscellaneous damage
Fleets of vehicles in the field
Renting, termination of contracts, manufacturers and financiers
Transport of vehicles
Workshop liability
Mechanical breakdown
Electric vehicles
Airport vehicles
Reconstruction of road accidents
Biomechanics of low intensity accidents
Management of remains
Photo inspection, examination of documents

Main accounts