Forensic Accounting

Any business is susceptible to suffering financial losses, various types of financial irregularities, fraud, breach of contract, professional negligence, shareholder disputes and a host of other problems that require the services of a forensic accountant. Acting as a financial “investigator”, they help to prevent these problems, and to detect and mitigate or minimise their impact, to ensure the proper functioning of public and private companies, and to manage their claims for loss of sales and profit, following the occurrence of a loss event.

Our clients are public sector entities and major IBEX-35 listed companies, many of them established in Latin America.

Our international team of forensic accountants is highly qualified, with economics degrees from universities and business schools, commercial know-how and an excellent relationship with our Property and Liability teams which enables them to provide the most efficient service. We work closely with external consultants and auditors.

With more than 15 years’ experience managing this specialist area, which exceeds 1,200 claims handled each year, we are experts in the following areas:

Loss of profit/business interruption

Predictive statistical calculation, based on previous accounting data

Econometric trend tests / ARIMA Method

Financial Lines Insurance

Bankers insurance. Employee infidelity
Credit and Surety
Event cancellation. Contingencies
Initial public offering insurance
Reputational risk insurance
Loss of profit-business interruption due to public sector liability

Expert reviews of tax, accounting and employment consultancies

Valuation of companies

Account auditing and insolvency administration

Appraisals of losses due to intellectual property disputes (patents, trademarks…), industrial property, copyrights, etc.

Appraisals regarding competition conflicts

Furthermore, our Forensic team has engaged for years in teaching the subject of loss of profit (business interruption) in different institutions, such as INESE and the Spanish Association of Risk Management and Insurance (AGERS), as well as in leading Spanish insurance companies.

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